The Journal of the Association for Consumer Reserach, Issue I

The Behavioral Science of Eating


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Table of Contents

Editorial: The Behavioral Science of Eating: Encouraging Boundry Research that has Impact (van Ittersum & Wansink 2016)

I. Hunger and Satiety 

  1. Let Hunger Be Your Guide? An Association between Hunger and Post-Meal Blood Glucose (Gal 2016)
  2. Eating Healthy or Feeling Empty? How the "Healthy = Less Filling" Intuition Influences Satiety (Suher, Raghunathan, & Hoyer 2016)
  3. Household Food Waste Behavior: Avenues for Future Research (Porpino 2016) 
  4. Healthy Reflections: The Influence of Mirror Induced Self-Awareness on Taste Perceptions (Jami 2016)

II. Shopping and Dining

  1. Can Smaller Meals Make You Happy? Behavioral, Neurophysiological, and Psychological Insights Into Motivating Smaller Portion Choice (Reimann, MacInnis, & Bechara 2016)
  2. Using Healthy Defaults in Walt Disney World Restaurants to Improve Nutritional Choices (Peters, Beck, Lande, Pan, Cardel, Ayoob, & Hill 2016)
  3. Seduced by the Label: How the Recommended Serving-Size on Nutrition Labels Affects Food Sales(Elshiewy, Jahn, & Boztug 2016)
  4. Making Small Food Units Seem "Regular:" How Larger Table Size Reduces Calories to be Consumed (Davis, Payne, & Bui 2016) 
  5. When the cupboards are bare: Nudging food pantry clients to healthier foods (Wilson, 2016)

III. Mindlessly Eating Better 

  1. Whether smaller plates and bowls reduce consumption depends on who's looking: a meta-analysis (Holden, Zlatevska & Dubelaar 2016)
  2. Of Waste and Waists: The Effect of Plate Material on Food Consumption and Waste (Williamson, Block, & Keller 2016)
  3. Forks Over Spoons: The Impact of Cutlery on Calorie Estimates (Szocs & Biswas 2016)
  4. Messages from the Food Police: How Food-Related Warnings Backfire among Dieters (Pham, Mandel, & Morales 2016)

IV. The Future of Food Research 

Boundary Research: Tools and Rules to Impact Emerging Fields (Wansink & van Ittersum 2016)