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Our research into Consumer Behavior, Behavioral economics and Food Psychology has generated insights that have been translated into a variety of consumer products, marketing campaigns and positioning strategies.   Demographics tell you WHO buy your products, but the kinds of consumer insights we specialize in tells you WHY (or why they don’t) buy them.  We have conducted research in every food environment, from homes and restaurants to schools, supermarkets and the work place.  Anywhere food decisions are made, we’ve looked at what are the hidden factors that drive selection, consumption and experience.  We’ve helped dozens of companies develop healthy, profitable, ways to help people eat better.  We started in 1995 with our research on the 100-calorie pack and have continued with packaging and labeling innovations and new product design for manufacturers.  A few of our better known efforts have resulted in the reformulation of the Happy Meal, the change in glass size by a national restaurant chain and marketing campaigns for major manufactures of tofu and frozen vegetables.    If you are looking to expand into a new market, launch a new product or reposition an old one, the Food and Brand Lab can work with your team to uncover the motivation or barriers that will help your company reach its’ goal’s.  If you’re with a company that wants to profitably help its customers eat healthier and be happier, we can probably help.  Some of these projects can be handled through grants and contracts.  Other arrangements are through gifts to the Lab. 

To get started, learn what we’ve done for other companies like yours:  If you’re a manufacturer, read Marketing Nutrition.  If you’re a restaurant or cafeteria, read Chapter 3 in Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life.  If you’re a grocery store, read Chapter 4.  If you’re focused on workplace wellness, read Chapter 5.

Contact Adam Brumberg (ab697@Cornell.edu) so we can learn how we can make you and your company a Health Hero in your industry.