Tips for Your Home

Your home environment influences whether you eat healthy or not. Set up every room for success by making healthy options convenient and attractive and the less slimming options harder to get to. 

Making fruit and vegetables more convenient, attractive and normal and chips and soda less so can help you and your family reach dietary goals.  

Here are some specific tips based on our research to get you started on your Slim by Design home!

You likely weigh more on Monday than Friday. Weigh youself on the same day every week for accurate measurements #CornellNudges #SlimbyDesign

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Make a #NewYearsResolution to exercise more? Find ways to make it fun to avoid overeating afterward. #MindlessEating  #CornellNudges 

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Keep your kitchen counter clear, except for a fruit bowl. When hungry for a snack, fruit is the easiest choice! #CornellNudges #SlimbyDesign

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Whether you're blogging about our research or sharing tips with your friends on social media, please don't forget to credit us by citing the Cornell Food and Brand Lab (and tagging us on social media). Thank you!

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