Tips for dining out

From how you read the menu to what you order to where you sit, everything influences your food choices. 

It might feel as if you don’t have much control of your dining environment when you’re eating out but there are simple strategies for avoiding overindulgence even at your favorite stake-house, fast food joint, or all-you-can-eat restaurant.

Try out the tips below next time you dine out. 

Is 12oz Coke small or medium? Size labels can mislead- ask how much you’re really getting before your order #CornellNudges #SlimbyDesign

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Look over the full all-you-can-eat buffet and then decide on which foods you actually want #CornellNudges #MindlessEating

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Ask your server for a healthy meal suggestion to avoid being swayed by extravagant menu descriptions #CornellNudges #MindlessEating

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