Tips for Smarter Lunchrooms and Healthy Kids

Both at school and at home children need healthy balanced meals to grow and learn. At the Food and Brand Lab, we investigate the best ways to get kids to eat their fruits and veggies without nagging or forcing them. Below are a few tips to get started with your kids today!

For more school-specific healthy nudges, check out the Smarter Lunchrooms Movement founded by Food and Brand Lab's Brian Wansink and David Just at

Offer your children a variety of small healthy snacks, they'll feel more satisfied than just eating one item #CornellNudges

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Don’t worry if children doesn't clean the plate- they are learning how much they can eat and tend to serve & request too much #CornellNudges

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Talking to your daughter about weight might do more harm than good, instead focus on encouraging healthy eating and activity #CornellNudges

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