Tips for the Workplace

The workplace can be riddled with treats -- a birthday cake here, a candy dish there. We've looked into ways to make the workplace a healthier environment without skipping the next employee pizza party. 

Here are some specific tips based on our research findings to get you started on your Slim by Design workplace! 

Cookies and candies are abundant this time of year. Keep them out of arms reach and out of sight to avoid mindless snacking #CornellNudges #SlimbyDesign

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Make it a lunch meeting! Dining with colleagues can actually increase cooperation and work group performance #CornellNudges #SlimbyDesign

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​​Instead of eating a whole serving, eat just a bite or two of your afternoon snack and you'll feel just as satisfied #MindlessEating #Cornell Nudges

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Whether you're blogging about our research or sharing tips with your friends on social media, please don't forget to credit us by citing the Cornell Food and Brand Lab (and tagging us on social media). Thank you!

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