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Super Bowls: Serving Bowl Size and Food Consumption

Wansink, Brian and Matthew M. Cheney (2005). Super Bowls: Serving Bowl Size and Food ConsumptionJAMA – Journal of the American Medical Association, 293(14), 1727–1728. 

Students at a super bowl party who were given large serving bowls served themselves 53% (146 calories) more and consumed 56% (142 calories) more than those who used smaller bowls. The concept of "portion distortion" arises when a large serving bowl signals to the consumer that it is appropriate to consume a larger amount of food. Further research can use these same consumption cues in an attempt to promote increased consumption of healthy foods and decreased consumption of unhealthy foods.

Download the paper here. 

*The study was conducted at the University of Illinois, former location of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab.