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If you're here, you're probably a food-loving student motivated to learn about cool new ideas. You want to get your hands dirty doing the research that can impact the lives of those around you. If this sounds like you, see below for opportunities to get involved!


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CU Students: Enroll in the F&BL Workshop

The Food and Brand Lab Workshop (AEM 4020 or AEM 4021) is a semester-long experiment and discussion series, where you'll get to look at some of the Food and Brand Lab's most up-and-coming research, help plan out real-life applications of our work, and ultimately pilot your own food psychology experiment.

Workshop alumni have gone to be extremely successful, working everywhere from Nielsen to Campbell’s to McKinsey & Company.

You must be a Cornell student to participate.

What You'll Get 

  • A 3-credit workshop with other intellectually curious peers. 
  • A chance to help generate, shape, critique, and pilot some of the most up-and-coming Food and Brand Lab research.  
  • Real-world experience in applying food research. Brainstorming about how to increase usage of protein-heavy meals at food shelters, and mocking up possible food packaging to reduce ingredient aversion are just some of the cool projects participants have done in the past. 


Questions? Contact us at: foodandbrandlab@cornell.edu

CU Students: Work for Us!

We typically hire several Cornell undergraduates as hourly employees to work closely with Food and Brand Lab researchers as Research Assistants (RAs). In this job you will have the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing research and outreach activities conducted in the Lab. You will assist with study preparation and execution, handle data, help write content for the Lab’s website, and even gain experience with the writing, editing and submission of articles for academic journals. Outreach is a major component of the work we do, so you will also learn to apply research to real-word situations by assisting with outreach projects!

Requirements & Work Hours Are Flexible


Most RAs come from fields such as Food Science, Nutrition, Psychology, Communications, etc. However, we don’t have any specific requirements as to your background. If you are curious and interested in what we do we will consider your application regardless of your background.

On average RAs work for us 10 hours/week although we can hire you for more or less, according to your availability. We schedule RAs in chunks of time so that meaningful work can be accomplished but we are flexible and always aim for the best match between your availability and the Lab’s needs!

If you are interested in a Research Assistant Position, please contact us at foodandbrandlab@cornell.edu

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Pursue a Master of Professional Studies with concentration in Applied Behavioral Economics and Individual Choice

This unique Master of Professional Studies in Agriculture and Life Sciences with concentration in Applied Behavioral Economics and Individual Choice (ABEIC) program ignites cross-disciplinary solutions that transform consumer welfare as well as firm performance. Cornell University has a long history of transforming cutting edge research into knowledge that can be applied to the pressing issues of industry and policy.

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